Saba – “How You Live” (Feat. MFnMelo)

The modest sincerity that drove Saba’s debut album, Bucket List Project, carries forward into his latest single, “How You Live.” As a founder of the indie hip-hop collective Pivot Gang and a collaborator with Chance The Rapper and Jamila Woods, Saba’s style has been DIY-fueled, and “How You Live” is the supplement come-up track. “‘Cause me and my n****s we got it out the mud,” he raps, “And I mean that literally/ And I’m major even without a major/ This is not the little league.” Distant piano and the distorted voice of producer Daoud lead the hook between verses. MFnMelo’s guest feature also describes the hard work paying off: “Knock on wood,” he’ll never have to go back to his day job again. Listen below.

Tags: MFnMelo, Saba