Camp Cope – “The Opener”

Camp Cope released one of the best debuts of last year, and the Australian trio will be following that up with a sophomore album in 2018. “The Opener” is the first song we’re hearing from it — it’s also the band’s first new material since last fall’s split with Cayetana — and it’s a powerful indictment of sexism in the music industry and the ways in which toxic masculinity leads to doors being shut. It starts with an all-too-familiar tale of manipulation and caustic obliviousness — “Treat them like queens until they disagree/ And never reflect to think ‘Wait, maybe the problem was me'” — that bleeds into incisive specifics about how those same behaviors present themselves in what’s supposed to be a professional environment: “You worked so hard, but we were just lucky to ride those coattails into infinity/ And all my success has nothing to do with me/ Yeah, tell me again how there just aren’t many girls in the music scene.” As Georgia Maq’s towering voice gets more inflamed, “The Opener” turns into a giant fuck-you to unwanted advice: “See how far we’ve come not listening to you.” It’s about how insidious and pervasive sexism is, how it operates on a continuum that needs to be broken. Listen below.

“The Opener” is out now via Run For Cover / Poison City Records.

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