SSION – “Comeback” Video

For years, the Kansas City art-pop project SSION made videos that nobody else on the DIY underground could match. In recent years, the project has been quiet, and mastermind Cody Critcheloe has kept himself busy by making brain-breaking videos for people like Perfume Genius and Grizzly Bear. But now, with a new album coming next year, SSION has returned with a brain-breaking video of its own. The new SSION song “Comeback” is a slick, complex seven-minute pop odyssey. And the video is truly special. It travels in a million crazy directions, including cow-print body-paint, coffee-cup hallucinations, and grand disco stage shows. It manages to eulogize Tower Records and pay homage to George Michael’s “Faith” and to Raiders Of The Lost Ark. And it ends in what appears to be a punk rock boy-band audition. Check it out below, via The FADER.

SSION’s new album O is coming next year on DERO Arcade.