Renata Zeiguer – “Bug”

Brooklyn-based musician Renata Zeiguer released her first EP, Horizons, back in 2013, and over the last couple years she’s been performing around as Cantina, but she’s back to her given name for her forthcoming first full-length. Zeiguer’s debut is called Old Ghost, and there’s a spectral weariness that threads itself through the songs on it. “Bug” is its first single and it’s dusty and animated and a little theatrical. It’s inspired by the isolated depression that can be found in The Metamorphosis, and Zeiguer uses the Kafka scenario as a way to relate to her own emotions and hopefully encourage a way out of the depths. “Please don’t go undertow to the basement,” she sings. “Decompose winter rose, spring is waiting.”

“Go to sleep. Turn into a bug. ‘I woke up like this.’ I wrote this song to comfort myself when I feel like I’ve lost perspective from reality,” Zeiger explains. “It’s a plea to keep from falling into the basement of my head, to undo the distorted self-image that my paranoia can sometimes create. Based on Kafka’s insect.”

Listen below.

01 “Wayside”
02 “Bug”
03 “Below”
04 “After All”
05 “Dreambone”
06 “Follow Me Down”
07 “Neck Of The Moon”
08 “They Are Growing”
09 “Gravity (Old Ghost)”

Old Ghost is out 2/23 via Northern Spy Records.