Mammoth Grinder – “Superior Firepower”

Two of the best and brightest retro-thrash bands out there right now are Power Trip, from Texas, and Iron Reagan, from Virginia. Members of both bands play in the band Mammoth Grinder, which does a very different kind of old-school underground metal. Power Trip drummer Chris Ulsh fronts Mammoth Grinder, and Iron Reagan members Mark Bronzino and Ryan Parrish make up the rest of the band. But rather than the hardcore/metal crossover thrash of the late ’80s, Mammoth Grinder make fast, bruising, seething death metal. The band has been around since 2009, and they’ve got a handful of albums to their name, but they haven’t released one since 2013’s Underworlds. Next year, they’ll return with a new LP called Cosmic Crypt, and you can hear the lurching, spitting lead single “Superior Firepower” below.

Cosmic Crypt is out 1/26 on Relapse.