Stream Scallops Hotel Sovereign Nose Of (Y​)​our Arrogant Face

Maine rapper Milo placed highly on our list of 2017’s best rap albums with Who Told You To Think?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​!, and today he’s back with another album by surprise with his Scallops Hotel project. According to Bandcamp liner notes, the new Sovereign Nose Of (Y​)​our Arrogant Face is the second installment of a trilogy that began with last summer’s Over The Carnage Rose A Voice Prophetic. Some more info:

the project was recorded in park slope, brooklyn, nyc in late september of 2017. i would meet steel tipped dove at his studio,
with coffee, every day at 1:30pm. the document of a weekend in early autumn and second of a trilogy that expands the scallops hotel biomythoverse as well as
punctures reality
with its

Stream the new release in full below.

Sovereign Nose Of (Y​)​our Arrogant Face is out now on Ruby Yacht. Purchase it here.