Stream Sidney Gish No Dogs Allowed

Stream Sidney Gish No Dogs Allowed

Sidney Gish is a Boston singer-songwriter specializing in spectacular yet understated guitar-driven indie-pop. She released her latest album, No Dogs Allowed, on New Year’s Eve, and it’s been getting some minor burn on Reddit’s indieheads forum since then, for good reason. According to this Boston Globe profile from September, Gish is a 20-year-old undergrad at Northeastern University studying jazz guitar and the music industry. You can hear that six-string studiousness in her songcraft, which undergirds plainspoken twee sentimentality with subtly virtuosic chops. It’s no wonder she’s shared a stage with Margaret Glaspy. What stands out to me more than Gish’s mastery of the guitar, though, is her songwriting ability, particularly the way she imbues her innately infectious melodies with an actor’s ear for emotional inflection. She’ll absolutely wrap you around her finger with these songs, so check it out below.

For more Gish goodness, check out her previous release Ed Buys Houses.

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