Erik Phillips – “Wrong”

Virginia-based musician Erik Phillips started putting out songs as Cat Be Damned a few years ago — we highlighted their 2016 release Daydreams In A Roach Motel — but Phillips has reverted back to their given name for their next album, which is called One and feels like something of a clean slate. Phillips still makes music that’s quiet and intimately familiar, but it feels a little less conflicted or more at peace, or at least that’s how the lovely and floral lead single “Wrong” comes across, with its even-keeled conclusion: “Stop looking out of the window at the crowd/ Sure, they can shout, but they don’t know what you’re about.”

“I wrote “Wrong” because I wanted to make my own version of a country song—the final recording owes itself to a slide guitar part played by my friend Jeff [Casazza],” Phillips says in a statement. “Lyrically, it’s not as blunt as the classic country stuff, mostly revolving around blurry mental images relating to anxiety and anti-social fears.”

Listen to it below.

01 “Happen”
02 “Wrong”
03 “Coming”
04 “Interstate 95″
05 “Give”
06 “Make”
07 “Keep”
08 “Secret”
09 “Peek”
10 “Don’t Say Hi”

One is out 2/2 via Joy Void Recordings. Pre-order it here.