Trace Mountains – “Turn Twice”

LVL UP’s Dave Benton started Trace Mountains a few years ago with the intent to make some songs on his own. Those efforts coalesced in the wonderful 2014 tape, Buttery Sprouts, which was reissued with some additional songs in 2016, and now the project has morphed into a less solitary effort with the forthcoming A Partner To Lean On, Trace Mountains’ first full-length. The album’s lead single is “Turn Twice,” a song that Benton’s been working at in some form or another for many years, and here it’s rendered in pinched nerves and a warm electronic hum. It’s about feeling aimless and hoping life will eventually steer you in the right direction: “As I drive by cemetery night/ Close both of my eyes/ Turn twice, then drive,” Benton sings, giving it up to chance and feeling reassured. “Then I will know/ Which way I’m going.” Listen to it below.

01 “Cary’s Dreams”
02 “Salty Sweet”
03 “Turn Twice”
04 “Untitled No. 1″
05 “A Partner To Lean On”
06 “Adeline”
07 “Forgiveness”
08 “Soil”
09 “Thunder Trails”

A Partner To Lean On is out 3/30 via Figure 2 RC. Pre-order it here.