Barely Civil – “Eau Claire? Oh, Claire.”

Barely Civil – “Eau Claire? Oh, Claire.”

With a title like “Eau Claire? Oh, Claire.,” it’s pretty easy to surmise what Barely Civil are going to sound like. But the lead single from the Wisconsin band’s upcoming debut album, We Can Live Here Forever, is wonderfully textured and adept at what it’s doing, with a chugging underbelly and grim austerity that recalls early Death Cab and a sweet serenity that’s in line with emo trends over the last few years. It’s smooth and brooding and lead vocalist Connor Erickson’s woozy utterances mimics the song’s slip from consciousness. “All of this time, well, I’ve lost my head in Eau Claire,” he sings, mixing the thrill of falling in love with the regret of failing. Listen to it below.

01 “I’ve Been Getting Headaches Lately”
02 “Lost//Found”
03 “Eau Claire? Oh, Claire.”
04 “RE: Your Lungs”
05 “Handwritten House”
06 “You With A Cape, Me With A Baseball Bat”
07 “Stark”
08 “Kent”
09 “Super 8//Marathon”
10 “I Am Drowning”

Tour dates (w/ Bristletongue):
03/16 Milwaukee, WI
03/17 Muskegon, MI
03/18 Akron, OH
03/20 Nashville, TN
03/21 St. Louis, MO
03/22 Iowa City, IA
03/23 Lansing, IL
03/24 Converse, IN

We Can Live Here Forever is out 3/2 via Take This To Heart Records. Pre-order it here.

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