Hear The First Single From Sting & Shaggy’s Collaborative Album

Hear The First Single From Sting & Shaggy’s Collaborative Album

The idea of a collaborative album from the former Police frontman Sting and the former novelty-dancehall hitmaker Shaggy seems more like a Saturday Night Live sketch from 15 years ago than an actual thing. But nothing makes sense in the world anymore, and this thing is really happening, for real. Rolling Stone reports that Sting and Shaggy teamed up initially to work on a Shaggy track called “Don’t Make Me Wait.” But they ended up really liking each other, becoming great friends, and recording a whole LP together. Here’s Sting on the whole affair: “The most important thing to me in any kind of music is surprise. And everybody is surprised by this collaboration — by what they’re hearing. We’re surprising.” You sure are, buddy! “Don’t Make Me Wait,” which somehow sounds exactly like what you’d expect from a Sting/Shaggy collab that you never would’ve thought to expect, is below.

Sting and Shaggy’s album is called 44/876 and is out 4/20. It was produced by Sting International (not to be confused with Sting).

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