Many Rooms – “Which Is To Say, Everything”

Many Rooms is the project of Houston-based musician Brianna Hunt, and later this year she’ll release her project’s debut album, There Is A Presence Here. The spectral haunting of that title certainly hangs over its first single, “Which Is To Say, Everything.” It unwinds with textural grace, from stillness to sweeping grandeur and back to quiet again. Hunt’s voice takes on more of an illusory whisper as she contemplates that unknowable drive that wills us to keep going. It could be anything, or everything: “When my dark is darkest/ And death sounds somewhat sweet/ There the voice is the loudest, and it pulls me out of sleep.” The song is utterly gorgeous, and you can listen to it below.

01 “Nonbeing”
02 “Which Is To Say, Everything”
03 “Dear Heart”
04 “Hollow Body”
05 “Danielle”
06 “The Nothing”
07 “Untitled”
08 “There Is A Presence Here”
09 “This Place Is Haunted”
10 “When I Find You In The Flowers”

There Is A Presence Here is out 4/13 via Other People Records.

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