Busdriver – “The Imperfect Cinema”

It’s been three years since LA-based art-rapper Busdriver released his lyrically deft mixtape Thumbs. He returned to our headphones with the same ferocity last month on “GUSH” and follows up today with a new single in anticipation of his birthday this Monday.

“The Imperfect Cinema” is hip-hop as in-your-face free jazz: self-contained, but not stagnant; sumptuous, but definitely imperfect. A woozy horn-driven introduction cuts out at a minute and a half and transitions into Busdriver’s relentless verse. Pianos and percussions bump into one another as the song meets its abrupt end. Listen below.

“The Imperfect Cinema” is out 2/9. Busdriver has no plans to release a full-length album following the two recent tracks and is busy producing the music for Jerry Quickley’s upcoming debut album, (american) FOOL. Hopefully he’ll continue to share more surprise singles in the meantime.

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