RLYR – “L.Layer”

RLYR – “L.Layer”

Chicago-based post-rock power trio RLYR comprises members from experimental rock outfits Pelican, Locrian, Bloodiest, and Russian Circles. Following their dynamic, prog rock-leaning debut in 2016, the instrumentals-only group is now ahead of their sophomore album, Actual Existence. The forthcoming record’s lead single, “L.Layer,” sounds like it’s striving for something. Fuzzy, melodic riffs, energetic drums, and an ascending bass line guide a triumphant nine-minute jam. Listen below.

01 “Actual Existence”
02 “L.Layer”
03 “Artificial Horizons”
04 “Vacancy”

Actual Existence is out 4/13 via The Flenser. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Michael Vallera

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