Sitcom – “Orange Slice”

With his next Sitcom release, Be The One You Love, Jake Lazovick is branching out. Lead single “Still Life” was more polished than anything the Philadelphia-based musician has put out so far, and its follow-up, “Orange Slice,” builds on that, trading in that song’s downtrodden croak for a slathering of Blonde’s slip-sliding atmospherics and stuttering beats. It plays out like a washed-out slideshow of awkward adolescent memories, remembrances of first kisses and fumbles, where each fresh love feels a little like the one before. “Haven’t felt like this for a while now/ But when you come around I calm down/ And I want you to… come around,” Lazovick sings, his pitch-shifted voice chirping approval back at him. Listen below.

Be The One You Love is out 2/24. Sitcom are performing at a release party in Philadelphia that night with Orion Sun, Dirty Bodies, Osagie and

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