Simian Mobile Disco – “Caught In A Wave” Video

Simian Mobile Disco will release their fifth album Murmurations in the spring. In order to make the album, James Ford and Jas Shaw collaborated with the Deep Throat Choir, a collective based in London. The duo also teamed up with artists Kazim Rashid of ENDLESSLOVESHOW and Carri Munden.

Today, Simian Mobile Disco present lead single “Caught In A Wave,” which comes accompanied by a video. This is the first of three videos James Pearson-Howe and Kiani Del Valle made for Murmurations, and in a release Del Valle explains why they chose to illustrate the album in three chapters:

I dreamt of a female character that moves through different emotional stages while she travels across environments between real life and the subconscious. This female character becomes the umbilical cord of the 3 chapters, spiraling in and out of first-person narratives. Each chapter explores 3 different forms of movement so as to reflect the various states of the psyche. Playing with the idea of murmurations, and communal frequencies leading us to psychological discoveries of oneself, these cycles ultimately remind us that endings are hidden beginnings taking us elsewhere.

The video for “Caught In A Wave” takes place in a subterranean club. Watch and check out the Murmurations tracklist below.

01 “Boids”
02 “Caught In A Wave”
03 “We Go”
04 “Gliders”
05 “Hey Sister”
06 “A Perfect Swarm”
07 “Defender”
08 “V Formation”
09 “Murmuration”

Murmurations is out 5/11 via Wichita.