Yo La Tengo – “For You Too”

In our interview with Yo La Tengo last month, bassist James McNew described the creation of their forthcoming fifteenth album as somewhat of a fluke, a hodgepodge of old and new recordings assembled using a computer system they hardly knew how to operate. The result of its disjointed construction is sprawling and psychedelic, brooding and reactionary. There’s A Riot Going On, in its despondent tone and jumbled foundation, resonates with the chaos and confusion of our era.

Today we hear “For You Too,” the record’s fifth single following Yo La’s initial four-song drop. A deep drone and bright, dynamic guitar line bolster Ira Kaplan’s sensitive murmur, “I’m just some guy with too much pride.” Kaplan sings with a shrugging, hands-in-pockets disposition, offering comfort in uncertainty, “If I could protect you / Whenever you can’t expect to.” There’s a hesitant optimism running through the track, as if Kaplan is negotiating with the striving melody.

Like their previous work, Yo La Tengo’s current output sounds gentle and hypnotic. But there’s a certain unease that lingers after the song is over — an urgency that lies beneath the interweaving loops and quiet, weathered vocals. Prolonged instrumental stretches read like purposeful contemplation rather than carefree shoegaze. This shift is evident in “For You Too.” Listen below.

There’s A Riot Going On is out 3/16 via Matador Records. Pre-order it here.

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