The Love-Birds – “Hit My Head”

I can neither confirm nor deny San Francisco jangle-pop upstarts the Love-Birds chose their band name because they love the Byrds, but based on their music it certainly sounds that way (in the best way). Chiming 12-string riffs ripple through the group’s forthcoming In The Lover’s Corner with frequency. “Hit My Head,” the track we’re premiering today, is a prime example.

Yet the Love-Birds pull from many more classic influences on this LP. Teenage Fanclub, whose Norman Blake mastered the album, are another prominent touchpoint. Big Star are in the mix. So are the New Pornographers. So is a whole diaspora of poppy garage-rock bands driving vans across this country and this world, attempting to channel classic sounds into timeless tunes.

Many bands of that ilk are retro-fetishist bullshit artists, but the Love-Birds actually belong in a lineage with their heroes. “Hit My Head” will convince you as much when you press play below.

01 “Again”
02 “Hit My Head”
03 “Angela”
04 “Clear The Air”
05 “December (Get To You)”
06 “Kiss And Tell”
07 “Gerrit”
08 “Weak Riff”
09 “River Jordan”
10 “Tommy’s Theme”
11 “Failure And Disgrace”

In The Lover’s Corner is out 5/25 on Trouble In Mind. Pre-order it here.