War On Women – “YDTMHTL”

The righteous Baltimore hardcore band War On Women released a polished and impressive self-titled debut album in 2015. And rather than playing the DIY circuit, like a lot of the bands we cover here, they grabbed the biggest stages they could, bringing their feminist ass-kickery to potentially less hospitable places like the Warped Tour. This spring, they’ll come back with their sophomore album Capture The Flag, which they recorded with former Jawbox leader J Robbins as producer. The album features contributions from people like feminist punk foremother Kathleen Hanna and porn star Joanna Angel, and first single “YDTMHTL” is a blast of nasty, urgent riffage that reminds me of ’90s bands like 7 Year Bitch. Check it out below.

Capture The Flag is out 4/13 on Bridge Nine.

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