Wand – “The Gift”

Wand, the psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles, don’t like to sit around doing nothing. Back in September, the band released their sunny, melody-heavy album Plum, and they aren’t wasting any time in following it up. This morning, the band announced the impending release of a new seven-song EP called Perfume. It’s half an hour long, which means it’s longer than plenty of albums. And they’ve also shared a pretty great new song called “The Gift.”

“The Gift” is a tricky, intricate piece of psychedelic pop. It’s got riffs that wrap themselves around each other in complicated ways, and keyboards that push it off into otherworldly directions. Frontman Cory Hanson gives a wizardly, mysterious vocal. But even though Wand might like to play around with distancing effects, all that drops away by time the song hits its chorus, which is a fists-up melodic monster.

It’s a shame more bands can’t do what Wand do — combining far-out idiosyncrasies with big, bold hooks. “The Gift” is a great example of this band operating at peak capacity. Listen to it and check out the tracklist for Perfume below.

01 “Perfume”
02 “Town Meeting”
03 “The Gift”
04 “Hiss”
05 “Pure Romance”
06 “Train Whistle”
07 “I Will Keep You Up”

Perfume is out 5/25, and you can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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