Cornelius – “The Spell Of A Vanishing Loveliness” Video & Beach Fossils’ Rework

Cornelius – “The Spell Of A Vanishing Loveliness” Video & Beach Fossils’ Rework

Last year, Keigo Oyamada released his first proper Cornelius album in 11 years, Mellow Waves — we chatted with him about it at the time — and he’s been on the road and sporadically releasing videos to accompany some tracks for it since then. Most of the videos take on a similar framework — white figures on dark backgrounds — and let different artists expand that concept into something unique and memorable. His latest is for “The Spell Of A Vanishing Loveliness.”

Director Koichiro Tsujikawa, who also did Cornelius’ “If You’re Here” video, begins with what looks like a glob of lotion in a hand, but that lotion quickly morphs into a small child that goes through some very innocent adventures. She swings, she plays with a ball, she has a balloon and a hula-hoop, all while dancing along the surface of two outstretched palms. A man comes into the picture eventually, towering over the child, but a finger pokes through it, sending him away. At the end, the hand’s nails grow to a scarily gross length, twisting out into the atmosphere and then wrapping themselves around the hand. It’s a bizarre sequence of images, but there’s something beautiful about the starry atmosphere the video evokes.

Watch below.

Oyamada also got Beach Fossils to rework the track. My son and I started liking Beach Fossils’ Somersault some time last year; we would frequently listen to the album together in the car,” he said in a statement. “When I started thinking of younger artists who might be a good fit for a remix they came to mind since I feel similarities in the mellowness of our music.” Hear it below.

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