Thyla – “I Was Biting”

Thyla – “I Was Biting”

Thyla have been around for a couple years now, but things really started to get exciting for the Brighton quartet over the course of last year. With a new series of singles including “Ferris Wheels,” “Pristine Dream,” and “Tell Each Other Lies,” the group proved adept at delivering glistening dream-pop that leaned heavy into the “pop” side of the equation for huge, euphoric choruses, while also rushing forward on rhythms that owed their propulsion and muscularity to post-punk. Considering Thyla is a new band without a full-length release to their name yet, these are the sort of songs that come out of nowhere and hit you upside the head: They are gigantic, assured, and memorable, partially thanks to their instrumentation skillfully toeing the line between melancholy and endorphin rush and partially thanks to the soaring vocals of frontwoman Millie Duthie.

Today, Thyla are back with another new single called “I Was Biting.” According to the band, “I Was Biting” is about “dystopian aspects of modern society and a discontent for it.” And while that might seem like fairly bleak and relatable subject matter whether you’re in Thyla’s native UK or stateside, they also allude to dream-pop’s historical tendency to take darkness and blow it outwards into technicolor visions of another possible world. “We talk about a unanimous feeling of anxiety and a desire to live in a fictional state of our own dreams; to escape from the mundane routine and expectations of society,” the band added.

Compared to Thyla’s recent singles, “I Was Biting” begins in heavier, almost grunge-y territory, a squall of fuzzed-out guitars flaring up before giving away to Duthie’s yearning chorus. The song actually plays out like plenty of ’90s grunge classics, too, operating with that quiet verse-loud chorus dynamic. It shows a slightly different side of the young band, but is consistent with its predecessors in that it makes it easy to hope there’s a full debut on the way sooner rather than later. Check it out below.

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