Hear “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Remixes Of Two Portugal. The Man Songs

For nearly 40 years, the name “Weird Al” Yankovic has been synonymous with the art of novelty parody songs. He’s been out here, spoofing any sufficiently popular song, for longer than most of us have been alive. But Yankovic has never been a part of remix culture. Until now. This morning, Yankovic has come out with two remixes of tracks from festival-rock kings Portugal. The Man.

Last year, Portugal. The Man scored huge with “Feel It Still,” the biggest crossover rock hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in five years. Yankovic has taken that song, as well as the Portugal. The Man follow-up single “Live In The Moment,” and transformed both of them into giddy, hyperspeed accordion-driven polka. He has not added any lyrics about food or iPhone apps. He has just taken previously existing songs and made them significantly sillier.

On Instagram, Portugal. The Man had this to say:

Ya know how they say never meet your heroes? Well, if your hero is Weird Al you meet the shit out of them and somehow they are even more amazing than you could ever have imagined. YOU GUYS!!! YOU GUYS WONT BELIEVE THIS BUT FUCKING @alfredyankovic REMIXED TWO SONGS FOR US! TWO!!!!! GUYS!!! WE ARE BEST FRIENDS WITH WEIRD AL AND HE IS AWESOME!

And here are those two remixes:

This is a fun idea, but hopefully it won’t prevent Yankovic from still writing “Feel It Spill” or whatever.