Pre Nup – “Internet Arguments”

Pre Nup is the Calgary-based pop-rock project of husband and wife duo Josiah and Sara Hughes plus Lab Coast members Chris Dadge and Darrell Hartsook. Following their self-titled 7” and an original Christmas song comes Oh Well, Pre Nup’s debut LP. Today we’re premiering its lead single, “Internet Arguments,” a track which, according to Josiah, is humblingly autobiographical:

This song is loosely based on a number of real-life experiences where my shittalking online has had terrible repercussions IRL. For example, I wrote a blog post about how I thought my local rap scene was terrible and embarrassing. I thought I was being funny, but the story blew up and I was getting hundreds of hate tweets and death threats. This all happened on our wedding anniversary. What a disaster.

A disaster, yes, but a productive songwriting tool. What we hear from Pre Nup is humility-laced guitar-pop, a grounding of their egos without too much deprecation. There are enough people on the internet for that. Check it out below.


01 “Admit”
02 “Internet Arguments”
03 “The Grudge”
04 “Impostor”
05 “On The Nose”
06 “Adequate”
07 “Lost Together”
08 “Oh My”
09 “-“
10 “Life In Hell”

Oh Well is out on 5/4 via Debt Offensive/Jigsaw Records. Pre-order it from Bandcamp or on cassette.

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