Say Sue Me – “After Falling Asleep”

Last month, the Korean band Say Sue Me introduced us to their sophomore album Where We Were Together by way of its lead single “Old Town.” It was a sneakily but feverishly infectious bit of indie-pop, utilizing a brisk surf-rock guitar to propel a track that actually bore a pretty ruminative narrative about getting older and the relationships we maintain to the places we’re from. All of which is to say: If “Old Town” was anything to go by, Say Sue Me’s forthcoming LP was something to start getting excited about.

The group started to make good on that promise with the simmering “B Lover,” and now they’re back with another new one called “After Falling Asleep.” Compared to its predecessors, “After Falling Asleep” takes place in a more amorphous zone, with elements that recall shoegaze and dream-pop. It also departs from Say Sue Me’s work otherwise due to the fact that frontwoman Sumi Choi sings in Korean this time around.

Even if you don’t speak Korean, the mood of “After Falling Asleep” is evocative as is — you can hear Choi’s meaning in it without totally grasping it, which is appropriate enough for a shoegaze-tinged composition. Speaking to Billboard, Choi did explain the inspiration behind it: “It’s about when I go to sleep and then I felt like I could be another person.” The resulting song is drenched in wistfulness, with Choi adding “At the end, I don’t want to be outside of the dream.” Check it out below.

Where We Were Together is out 4/13 via Damnably and Electric Muse.

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