Oceanator – “Inhuman”

Last month, we shared, “Mistakes,” the lead single from Elise Okusami’s upcoming new Oceanator EP, Lows, and now she’s back with its powerful closing track, “Inhuman.” It’s a six-minute slow burn about a person who only knows how to take and never gives, and it explodes in fiery anger in its climax. But the first couple minutes are all scene setting, as Okusami establishes the ways in which she was tricked and wronged. “You were charming, and you were funny, and you were popular,” she sings. “I thought I knew you/ But I was so naive/ I couldn’t see you/ See the black hole where your heart should be.” As the song gradually builds to its cutting final refrain — “You were inhuman/ But you had to be human/ To be so inhuman” — Okusami’s voice grows louder and louder, until it sounds like her throat is close to bleeding by the end. Listen below.

Lows EP is out 4/13 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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