DENA – “Imaginary Friends”

DENA – “Imaginary Friends”

DENA is the project of Denitza Todorova, a singer/songwriter born in Bulgaria who dove into Berlin’s multi-faceted music scene last decade. Since relocating, Todorova’s gradually worked on a sound that combines strains of pop, ’90s dance music, R&B, and rap — all while taking subtle harmonic influence from her Balkan upbringing. After releasing her debut LP Flash back in 2014, Todorova’s been quietly concocting a followup. And now that a sophomore collection is on the horizon, she’s shared a new song called “Imaginary Friends.”

The new track is a sneakily addicting piece, built on a laidback groove and gentle synth stabs. Todorova conjures up the more alternative end of the R&B spectrum, cooing above the track with a low-key but expressive rasp. Here’s what she had to say about the song:

“Imaginary Friends” is about intense feelings that happen in one’s mind. It’s about longing for someone that communication tricks you to feel close to, but at the same time can make things even more distant. It’s about dealing with feelings, love, and intimacy within different versions of reality and their technical simulations. It’s also a song about the hope of love as a much needed protection.

Check it out below.

“Imaginary Friends” is out 3/23 via Mansions & Millions.

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