Michael Stipe Shares First-Ever Solo Song “Future, If Future”

REM’s Michael Stipe has released a new 40-second quasi-song, his first solo track, in support of today’s March For Our Lives Rally. Stipe shared a short preview of “Future, If Future” on his Instagram page this morning, along with an endearingly low-res selfie and flashing motivational text. The caption reads, “@marchforourlives #whatif #neveragain Future, If Future ©️Michael Stipe new song Future, if Future, this future is ours/ Stunk to high heaven lotus, nerve gas or flowers/ We’ve got the obvious, we’ve got the power/ Please don’t stare, we’re doing all we can/”

Based on the snippet, “Future, If Future” sounds as if it could be a poptimistic rallying cry about enduring political chaos and making your voice heard. And who couldn’t use that comforting croon in a time like this?

Stipe has previously performed solo covers, and original compositions at last year’s MoogFest, but “Future, If Future” would be his first proper solo song with lyrics. Listen to the preview of “Future, If Future” below.