Weller – “Point Of Personal Privilege”

Last fall, the Philadelphia-based band Weller released their self-titled debut, and it’s getting reissued by the label Tiny Engines in a few months, which means we’re going through the rollout for this very good album all over again. And we start with the end, at least of Weller: “Point Of Personal Privilege” is the final song on the album, and it’s a depiction of a relationship stalled. “Fighting off the urge to resent you/ For all the things I lost when I met you,” Harrison Nantz sings. “Good friends, better off distant/ Hanging on ’til you decide you’re ready to begin.” The song operates in stops and starts, twangy guitars giving way to crisp drums and back to stasis again.

‘”Point of Personal Privilege’ was written as a reflection,” vocalist/guitarist Nantz explains. “Focusing on a time in my life where I desperately sought balance and structure, I used the last track on this record as an opportunity to remind myself that failure and redirection is okay sometimes. A reason to not always rely on other people, and to give your whole heart to those who offer the same in return.”

Listen below.

Weller is being reissued by Tiny Engines on 6/29. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Emily Dubin
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