Stream Frankie Cosmos Vessel & “Jesse” Video

Stream Frankie Cosmos Vessel & “Jesse” Video

Each Frankie Cosmos album feels like a gift, from the earliest Bandcamp release through to the more polished studio albums as of late, and Vessel is no exception. It’s brimming with great hooks and melodies, 18 tracks that might feel a little disjointed on first listen but quickly worm their way into your psyche so that each song ends up feeling indispensable. It’s an album that operates in fits and starts of progress, an album about learning more about yourself only through the tedious process known as time. Here’s how Kline put it in our recent interview with her:

I feel like I’ve realized so much about what I was going through that I didn’t realize when I was writing [the album]. What I think is super consistent throughout the album is this tension between what I’m allowed to say out loud in the song, what I’m not saying to myself, what I’m putting forward, and what I’m actually feeling. I feel like now I can break it open and be like, This is what this is about. I was suffering and I wasn’t going to say it.

It’s an album about feeling like an outsider, about feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, about the feeling you get when you finally find your place in the world, among your friends. Kline’s best talent has always been the distillation of complex emotions into quick turns of phrase that strike straight through the heart. But what’s also clear from Vessel is that Frankie Cosmos is increasingly becoming home to some stellar musicianship, and the album’s off-kilter rhythms and needling guitar lines feel like an expansion and refinement of what Kline’s always done: capture the fluttering unpredictability of life’s every move.

You can stream Vessel below and watch a new video for “Jesse,” which finds the band absorbed into one of those satisfyingly crunchy slime balls that are so popular on YouTube. And check out our interview with Kline here.

Vessel is out 3/30 via Sub Pop Records.

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