Bernice – “Glue”

Last year, Bernice put out their Puff EP, the latest in a lineage of experimental pop releases from the Robin Dann-led group. It landed on our Great EPs Of 2017 list, and today the Toronto project has announced that they’re following it up with a proper album, titled Puff LP: In the air without a shape.

On lead single “Glue,” Dann and her cast of collaborators — which here include the local musicians Thom Gill, Colin Fisher, Daniel Fortin, Philippe Melanson, and Felicity Williams — construct a track that’s much like its titular substance, sticky and wet and syrupy smooth. But it begins clanky and a little rigid, Dann’s aerated vocals foreshadowing the malleability that arrives later on: “Like the water you bring, we hold onto things/ Oh, but isn’t it a wonder when we can realize we walk among the living?” A little over halfway through, the track slides into full focus, a springy beat gliding into a childhood schoolyard chant: “Red and orange and yellow and blue/ I am rubber and you are glue.”

“I wrote it about the freedom of new love,” Dann explains. “The outro is co-opted from another song I co-wrote with Felicity and Thom for one of our side projects (Bliss Gloss – which is an outlet for us write the songs we’re not allowed to write in ‘real life’) and it has become such an important part of ‘Glue’ – it’s a landing pad of feelings, fruits, colours, flowers. Solid ground, finally.”

Listen below.

01 “Glue”
02 “Passenger Plane”
03 “David”
04 “One Garden”
05 “He’s The Moon”
06 “St Lucia”
07 “Boat”

Puff LP: In the air without a shape is out 5/25 via Arts & Crafts.

CREDIT: Claire Harvie
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