worlds greatest dad – “laughing (while you’re smiling)” Video

worlds greatest dad – “laughing (while you’re smiling)” Video

The Atlanta, GA-based four-piece worlds greatest dad have an EP and a split to their name so far, and today they’re announcing their debut, get well soon, alongside an excellent song called “laughing (while you’re smiling).”

It’s a sharp and sparkling track about losing sight of what’s best for ourselves while in the throes of a relationship. “I’m trying to learn the difference between love and codependence,” Maddie Duncan starts off, her voice clear but conflicted. “I need to start being honest with myself and me to start,” she sings later on. “Being honest with myself and how I feel.” Throughout the course of the song, both parties move on and get happier on their own, outside the context of each other, so hopefully a reconciliation can happen down the line when both are in a better place.

The video, which was directed by James Hunt, follows roughly the same narrative. Two love interests meet in a park while walking their dogs — played by Punk Rock Milo and Mogis The Dogis — and fall for each other fast and hard, and we see the happiest moments in their early relationship. They become attached at the seams of their sweaters, happy in their closeness until all of a sudden they’re not, and that dependency becomes a burden. The unraveling that happens after is painful and all-too-familiar but, just like the song, there’s a resolution that suggests maybe you can find happiness after some time apart.

Watch and listen below.

get well soon is out 5/11 via Deep Rest Records. Pre-order it here.

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