Stream The Beths Warm Blood

Stream The Beths Warm Blood

The Beths are a New Zealand band who play gleaming guitar rock with a major melodic charge. The way they landed on that sound is fascinating: Four jazz students at the University of Auckland bonded over their childhood love for pop-punk.

There’s definitely more pop-punk than jazz in the mix on Warm Blood, the band’s five-song debut EP, which Carpark Records is reissuing today as a means of introduction to the Beths. But really the project’s sound can’t be contained by any one genre modifier. Warm Blood veers from indie-pop to garage rock to ’90s-style alternative and back. There is also a tune about renting Rush Hour 3 on date night that could have been on the Grease soundtrack.

What’s so impressive about this set of songs, beyond their individual excellence, is that despite the far-reaching stylistic explorations they all feel of a piece. You could write it off as the sound of a young band still figuring out who they are, but to me it sounds like a young band that knows exactly who they are flexing some impressive versatility. Decide for yourself below.

Warm Blood is out now on Carpark. Purchase it here.

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