Marbled Eye – “Leisure” & “New Crease”

Marbled Eye are an Oakland postpunk band whose sound is spartan and angular but also furious and propulsive and, if you’re listening to it in the right mood, catchy. The band’s members also play in Bay Area bands like Meat Market, Unity, and Golden Drugs. As Marbled Eye, they’ve released two EPs since they got together in 2016. Later this month, they’ll head overseas for their first-ever European tour. And so they’ve just shared their Promo Tape 2018. It features two excellent new songs, the slashing “Leisure” and “New Crease,” as well as weird remixes from Magnetizer Demon and Some Ember. Listen to the whole thing below.

You can buy Promo Tape 2018 for a dollar at Bandcamp.

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