Yuno – “Why For” Video

Yuno – “Why For” Video

Jacksonville musician Yuno has been around for the better part of a decade, but he only recently signed with Sub Pop Records, who are putting out a new collection of tunes, Moodie, in a couple months. His earliest work, in the first half of the 2010s, was sun-drenched and watery in a way that a lot of the music was back then. But his 2018 material has been a lot more crystal-cut, while still channeling the influences from what clearly were his most formative years of music listening. For example, new single “Why For” reminds me a lot of WU LYF, both in its booming epic-ness and the way Yuno caverns his voice to the point of unintelligibility. The big questions are clear enough, though, as they should be: “What do I want you for? What do I need you for? Why for?” Listen to it alongside a music video below.

01 “Amber”
02 “No Going Back”
03 “Fall In Love”
04 “Why For”
05 “So Slow”
06 “Galapagos”

Moodie is out 6/15 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

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