gobbinjr – “fake bitch” Video

gobbinjr – “fake bitch” Video

“fake bitch” may sound like a lullaby, but it’s undercut by sleaziness and sexual aggression. It’s the second single from gobbinjr’s new album, ocala wick (after “afraid of me“), and on it Emma Witmer reflects on countless unwanted advances from men with a coarse clarity. “I felt you press your dick against my thigh when we hugged,” she sings. “Your tone has that inflection like you just want to get laid.”

It’s a song grounded in disgust and disaffection, but Witmer often uses humor and whimsy to process tough situations, so “fake bitch” ends up sounding more light-hearted than you might expect. It’s a tendency that’s there on her most internal songs, like “manatee” and “no name,” where all that loathing is directed inward, and it’s the same for “fake bitch,” which is pointed in both its specifics and its frustratingly wide range. “I saw you from the outside/ How you bounce place to place/ Not responsible for who stays,” goes one of its most cutting lines.

“I wrote this song a couple years ago originally about one man, but after the song was written it seemed to apply to all too many,” Witmer explains. “As someone who works or plays shows a lot, I’ve found myself in contact with a whole lot of drunk and disrespectful men. Their crude behavior inspired the crude language within the lyrics. Luckily, I’ve made quite a few allies as well, including Yuki Soga who played keyboards in the live band years ago and made this beautiful music video.”

Watch and listen below.

ocala wick is out 6/8 via Topshelf Records. Pre-order it here.

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