Sam Evian – “IDGAF”

On his 2016 debut album, Sam Evian (real name Sam Owens) drew inspiration from Serge Gainsbourg’s introspective soft-rock. He twisted this sensibility into breezy guitar-pop last August on the Need You EP. “IDGAF,” the second single off of his forthcoming sophomore album, sees these influences merge inside a glowing retro atmosphere.

Written in a state of insomnia, “IDGAF” reflects on restlessness. Falsetto vocals buoy Owens’ whisper as a sleepy melody shuffles and builds into quick arpeggiated moments. Sounds of sparkling unease chart the space between wakefulness and sleep. Owens expands:

I’ve always been a night owl, but lately that tendency has led me down the path of full-on insomnia. The insomnia is exacerbated by screen time, media time, coffee time, and time, in general. In bed, my insecurities linger and the kaleidoscope of anxiety starts to pull me into a strange, trance-like state. IDGAF” is one of my 5am songs. Sometimes when I’m deep in the well of nonsleep, I get up and write. I don’t even remember doing it. The same thing happened with “Cactus” on my last record. I think I tried to write a sort of mantra to coax myself into sleep. It must have worked.

Listen to “IDGAF” below.

You, Forever is out 6/1 via Saddle Creek.