Mac DeMarco & Melanie Faye – “Eternally 12″

Melanie Faye is a 19-year-old musician from Nashville who plays beautifully smoky neo-soul guitar. Although she has yet to actually release any music of her own — a debut EP called HomoPhone is supposedly on the way — the jam sessions she’s posted to Instagram and YouTube have earned her fans including SZA, Willow Smith, Chance The Rapper collaborator Nico Segal (formerly known as Donnie Trumpet), and Bibi McGill, Beyoncé’s lead guitarist. And now I guess we can add Mac DeMarco to that list, too.

Indie rock’s clown prince has teamed up with Faye for a new song called “Eternally 12,” a four-minute instrumental R&B guitar jam that’s smooth as hell and basically guaranteed to induce some very deep head-nodding. It comes along with a video that’s pretty much just DeMarco and Faye hanging out while wearing a Piccolo (the green guy from Dragon Ball Z) mask and an alien mask, respectively, while a small fire billows smoke in front of them. But obviously, the main draw here is the music.

So you can listen to that music and watch the “Eternally 12″ video below. And you might want to check out some of Faye’s other videos too, while you’re at it.