Stream Sigur Rós’ Endless New Mixtape Liminal

Stream Sigur Rós’ Endless New Mixtape Liminal

Now that they have those pesky Icelandic tax-evasion charges behind them, Sigur Ròs, masters of keening and formless pseudo-rock, are free to follow their real passions, which include making dazed and lovely ambient music that, if you like, you can listen to on a loop for the rest of your natural life. The members of Sigur Ròs recently threw ambient “soundbath” live-music events in Los Angeles and Reykjavík, and now they’ve shared the first volume of what they’re calling an endless mixtape.

Liminal, the first volume in this hard-to-define new work comes from Sigur Ròs frontman Jónsi and from his two regular collaborators Alex Somers (the Alex of Jónsi And Alex, with whom Jónsi made the 2009 Riceboy Sleeps album) and Paul Corley (a member of the Iceland-based Bedroom Community collective). Together, they’ve made a lovely, shimmery album-length piece of music — one that’s closer musically to Sigur Ròs than the “ambient” descriptor might lead you to believe.

In a statement, Somers has this to say:

Liminal is a musical thread that binds us together; the sounds that we all found inside of ourselves from a young age. It’s a music that is patient. Sounds unfold in front of you and momentarily offer to show the world from a different angle.

Here’s the first volume:

You can buy the first volume of Liminal at Bandcamp. More installments are coming later in the year.

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