Hear Wire’s Previously Unreleased “The 15th” Demo

Few bands explored and exploded the possibilities of punk rock as early and often as Wire. The London combo emerged concurrently with punk totems the Clash and Sex Pistols and immediately set about redefining what the genre could be, essentially inventing post-punk in the process. That story was written on Wire’s first three albums — 1977’s Pink Flag, 1978’s Chairs Missing, and 1979’s 154 — which are soon getting a deluxe reissue treatment with all the requisite rarities.

Among those is a previously unreleased demo for “The 15th.” The album version is one of the most accessible tracks on the largely elusive and deconstructed 154, an underwater new wave anthem marked by guitar shimmers like ripples on a pond. The demo presents “The 15th” before those sound effects, rendering it with a plainspoken clarity more reminiscent of Pink Flag. It’s proof that Wire could have kept making albums like that if they wanted.

This demo and all the rest of the bonus content is available on the Special Edition CDs and CD Books. The vinyl reissues contain the original albums only — though frankly even without the extra material those are albums you want to own. Check out the “The 15th” demo for the first time below.

The Wire reissues are out 5/19 on pinkflag. Pre-order them here.

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