Save Face – “Heartache” Video

New Jersey-based melodic punk outfit Save Face are gearing up to release their debut full-length album, Merci, on the iconic label Epitaph. Last month, they shared its ridiculously fun lead single “Bad,” and today they’re putting out a new track and an accompanying visual. “Heartache” sways slowly with the band’s vocal harmonies on the forefront. Its music video, directed by Matt Bastos and Tyler Povanda, takes on a colorful point-of-view perspective. Bleary and unfamiliar, the camera travels around a house as colors go in and out of focus. We’re ultimately taken outside to group of people wearing smiley face-emblazoned paper bags.

According to a press release, Merci “is a concept album about an addict dealing with post-rehab relationship struggles and an eventual paranoia-fueled meltdown. Partly inspired by the theatricality of such bands as Queen, Merci is driven by a dramatic tension that reflects Save Face’s mission of making emotionally complex, multi-faceted art.”

“I think the biggest challenge is writing something that has merit in an artistic context while still being palatable and digestible for an average listener,” frontman Tyler Povanda says. “I want someone to put these songs on while they’re having a great day the same way they can listen to it while going through a crisis.” Listen to “Heartache” and watch its music video below.

01 “Merci”
02 “Bad”
03 “Blues”
04 “Heartache”
05 “Weak”
06 “Jonesin'”
07 “Pour”
08 “Mercy”
09 “Plans”
10 “Nothin'”
11 “Reds”
12 “Love”
13 “Rien”
14 “Yours”

Merci is out 7/13 via Epitaph.