Sorry – “Showgirl” Video

Sorry – “Showgirl” Video

A couple months back, Sorry put out a second mixtape made up of home demos, and now the UK four-piece are continuing the 7″ series that showcases their studio fare. “Showgirl” and “Twinkle” are the third pair of songs they’ve released since last fall, and today they’re sharing its A-side, “Showgirl.” It’s a seedy-sounding track where Asha Lorenz’s faded delivery stands in contrast to hyperactive drumming and pinched-nerve guitar lines. “Come on to the club, to the club/ Come on, get soft, get soft,” she sings, less an invitation than a challenge. “You don’t take your clothes off for no one/ ‘Cus you are just a showgirl/ And you don’t even know, girl.”

The song comes attached to a video directed by Johnny Goddard, where sleazy situations play out behind the cover of venetian blinds bathed in red, the people’s elongated shadows looking like something out of a film noir. There’s a tragically glamorous figure sitting in the next room, ignoring what’s going on behind them while brushing wigs and twirling a phone cord in her fingers.

Watch and listen below.

“Showgirl” b/w “Twinkle” is out 6/22 via Domino. Pre-order it here.

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