Egg Men – “Outside The Shell”

Turnstile are busy. The Baltimore band have spent years rising to the top of the DIY hardcore circuit. Earlier this year, they pushed their sound in a bunch of new directions on Time & Space, their major-label debut. They also headed out on a huge tour, which is a pretty normal thing for a band to do, but it’s got to be pretty draining in this situation when you consider that Turnstile shows are fucking insane. And yet two members of the band have still found time to form a brand-new hardcore supergroup called Egg Men.

Singer Brendan Yates and drummer Dan Fang make up two fifths of Turnstile, and now, as Revolver points out, they also make up two fifths of the Egg Men. The new band also includes Emma Hendry, who comes from the New York band Krimewatch, who put out their own great album last month. Another member Alex Samayoa, comes from the chaotic and impressive California band Fury, and one more, Allen Trainer, plays in the Seattle band Big Bite.

The newly-formed Egg Men just released their first new song, a scratchily catchy 97-second punk rock rager called “Outside The Shell.” It’s definitely got more whistling than any hardcore song I’ve ever heard. Check it out below.

You can buy “Outside The Shell” at Bandcamp. Given the way these things work, there’s a decent chance it’s the only song this band will ever record. (Shout out to the last mid-Atlantic punk supergroup with the word “egg” in their name.)