Stream Medicaid Fraud Dogg, Parliament’s First New Album In 38 Years

Stream Medicaid Fraud Dogg, Parliament’s First New Album In 38 Years

When Parliament returned at the beginning of the year with the Scarface-featuring “I’m Gon’ Make You Sick O’Me,” the legendary funk outfit’s first new single in decades, bandleader George Clinton announced that a whole new album was on the way. That album is now here. Medicaid Fraud Dogg, Parliament’s first album in 38 year, unexpectedly arrived on streaming services today.

With song titles like “Medicated Creep,” “Pain Management,” “Psychotropic,” “Insurance Man,” and “Ya Habit,” the sprawling 23-track Medicaid Fraud Dogg appears to be a pseudo-concept album about the American healthcare system. But more than anything, it’s about the funk. (It also has a song called “69,” which has a runtime of 4:20.) In a Reddit AMA early this year, Clinton confirmed that original P-Funk horn players Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Greg Thomas, and Benny Cowan, are all featured on the album.

Parliament’s last album, Trombipulation, came out in 1980. But the last album to be released under the P-Funk umbrella, Funkadelic’s First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate, came out in 2014. In that same Reddit AMA, when asked why the new album would be released under the Parliament name and not Funkadelic, Clinton replied, “Because the last album was Funkadelic. It’s Parliament’s turn.”

Stream Medicaid Fraud Dogg below and let us know where it fits in our ranking of P-Funk’s other albums.

Medicaid Fraud Dogg is out now as a digital-only release on George Clinton’s C kunspyruhzy Records. Clinton is set to retire from touring in May 2019, and his final world tour kicks off 5/26 at the Greek Theater in LA.

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