Jack White Plays “Icky Trump” At Gov Ball: “You Can’t Be A President And A Prostitute, Too, Trump”

This isn’t the first time Jack White has called out Donald Trump. Two years ago he realized that the title of his 2007 White Stripes ballad “Icky Thump” worked just as well, and maybe better, if he changed it to “Icky Trump.” The White Stripes even started selling “Icky Trump” T-shirts.

White headlined New York’s Governors Ball this past Friday night, and he used the genius turn of phrase once again. During a particularly grungy and impassioned performance of “Icky Thump,” White stopped at the end of one of the song’s final verses to let the crowd shout, “You can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too.” He ardently added, “Yeah, that’s for you Trump! You can’t be a pimp and a prostitute, too, Trump! Icky Trump! Icky Trump! Icky Trump! Icky Trump!” Another savage move from White.

It’s really a seamless switch. And now listening to the song again, it’s hard not to hear White’s rebellion against Trump oozing out. Watch the performance below, or just immediately skip to 3:00 to hear White going off on the president.