Mandy Patinkin Covers Shawn Mendes In Yiddish

This week is Shawn Mendes week on The Late Late Show With James Corden! The guitar-slinging god of young adult contempo just released his self-titled third album, and he’s celebrating with a week-long residency that kicked off with a Carpool Karaoke segment and a monologue.

Last night, Mendes was joined on the show by guest Mandy Patinkin, who says that he considers himself an “aficionado” of Mendes’ music. Patinkin also revealed the little-known fact that “like Irving Berlin, one of our greatest songwriters,” Mendes wrote his songs first in Yiddish and then in English.

So of course, James Corden asks what they sound like in Yiddish, and of course, Broadway star Mandy Patinkin responds by singing “Stitches” in Yiddish. Oh, and Lucy Liu is there too. Watch Patinkin’s performance and compare it to the original below.