La Force – “Lucky One”

La Force is the newest project of Broken Social Scene member Ariel Engle, formerly of AroarA. Her debut single “You Amaze Me,” which came out last month, was an electronically warm love song. Her new single “Lucky One” is a quieter meditation on a similar concept, this time tinged with the fear of loss.

Engle has created a delicately wistful atmosphere within the track. It’s gray and cloudy and rooted in reality, but her voice has a syrupy sweetness. And the lyrics’ exposed honesty drive the song forward. “Lucky One” plays with the “fickle hand of fate,” Engle said in a press release. It’s about “having it all and knowing you can lose it at any time.” Listen below.

“Lucky One” is out 6/8 on Arts & Crafts.