Priests’ Katie Alice Greer Releases Dixie Chicks Cover Album

Priests’ Katie Alice Greer Releases Dixie Chicks Cover Album

Katie Alice Greer fronts the punk band Priests, and on the side she also records noise music under the name K A G. It’s under that handle that she’s just released something truly special: A full-length cover album of the Dixie Chicks’ 1999 album Fly, which contains one of the best songs ever recorded, “Goodbye Earl,” alongside many other excellent songs.

The album sounds rough but pretty great on first listen. It was all recorded in the last week, mostly in only a few takes. Greer handled pretty much everything except some guitar parts courtesy of Laurie Spector, who releases music as Hothead.

“I suggested to my bandmates in priests that we cover this album and they politely declined with the suggestion that I go ahead without them,” Greer writes in the Bandcamp description. She continues:

I decided it would be a fun way to get out of my creative comfort zone, learn about harmonies, practice some recording techniques, learn about a new sampler (roland sx-404a and guitar pedal (earthquaker data corrupter) I recently got. I had the idea to record this album a week ago and wanted to do it quickly, not belabor over it too much. I am a huge dixie chicks fan and have been listening to this album since I was a kid. I learned a little more about everything except harmonies, they are still mystifying to me.

Listen to it below.

And just for the hell of it, here’s the video for “Goodbye Earl”:

Katie Alice Greer’s Fly cover album is out now.

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