Pusha-T & Twin Shadow Join Alt-J On New Version Of “In Cold Blood”

Pusha-T just won a unanimous victory in the most high-profile, hotly contested rap feud in recent memory. He sent the biggest rap star of our time scrambling to reunite the cast of his old teenage soap opera just to distract everyone from what just happened. He achieved levels of fame that he probably didn’t even have back in the “Grindin'” days. He made sure your mom would know his name. While he was at it, he also released one of the year’s best albums. And now, for his encore, he’s rapping on a British prog-pop song. The world is a fascinating place.

Last year, UK festival-poppers alt-J released their Relaxer album. And now they’ve got an altogether new version of the single “In Cold Blood” — the one with the incredible video — out in the world. For his version of the track, Twin Shadow hasn’t just remixed the song. He’s rebuilt it from the ground up, transforming it into blippy electro-soul, keeping only the melody and a few vocal shards intact.

And he’s got Pusha. (If Pusha-T were to rap on an alt-J song, it only makes sense that it’s the one called “In Cold Blood.”) Pusha’s quick introductory verse is nothing revolutionary coming from that man, but we’re at the point where you might just hear Pusha’s voice and suddenly get excited. Listen to the track below.

Meanwhile, last night, alt-J got together with Pusha and Twin Shadow to debut the new version of the song on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. Here’s their performance:

The Twin Shadow version of “In Cold Blood” is out now at iTunes.