Dipset – “Stronger”

The Diplomats, or Dipset, were one of the most dominant rap crews in New York in the early- to mid-’00s. They had actual hits, they cranked out mixtapes with dizzying speed, and they were absolutely beloved among internet dorks like me. Then, toward the end of the last decade, they fractured, with the members of the group getting into petty squabbles with one another and everyone’s careers going into quick decline. But in recent years, they’ve reunited.

Dipset have been doing shows together lately, and that’s apparently been working out without incident. And every once in a while, the four core members — Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Freaky Zekey — have all gotten back together to record. There was talk of an album, and that hasn’t happened. But they did make “Have My Money” in 2015 and “Once Upon A Time” last year. And now they’re all back together for a song on the Uncle Drew soundtrack.

Uncle Drew, the movie version of the Pepsi ad where Kyrie Irving wears old-man makeup, is out in theaters last year, and it’s got a more impressive soundtrack than a movie like that should probably have. And it’s got the four Dipset members back together, sounding weathered but spry, on the new song “Stronger.” Listen to it below.

The Uncle Drew soundtrack is out now on RCA.